3 Things SEO Providers Should Never Do

Search engine optimization is a growing industry across the globe. This service is essential for just any type of business because it boosts the credibility and visibility of the company online. Digital marketing methods are gradually taking over the traditional strategies, generating higher client demand.

As more companies offering SEO services emerge on the market, only a few of these can take your business site to better heights. Still, you should know that you still need to supervise the whole process. Good SEO service providers would always seek your preference. This gives you an idea on how they are working with your site and what methods they are using. There are two basic types of SEO techniques: white and black hat label.

Search engines implement standards in regards to determining website ranking. The basic differences between the two techniques is in which methods are used and how they follow these standards.

Spam Guest Blogs

Guest blogging has been a well-accepted technique in content marketing. This is an ethical technique in principle, but what makes it unethical is when it becomes a spam. You know it is spamming if the SEO service provider optimized anchors, attempted to rank for long-tailed keywords and head terms; and writing irrelevant and low-quality content in the guest posts.

Link Quality over Quantity

Another common unethical technique widely used is building bad links. Rankings do not rely on the number of backlinks you create, but on the quality of the link you build. You can still create as many links as you want, given that all these sites are not penalized and have a high DA.

Keyword Stuffing

This is probably the longest running black hat label SEO technique that many companies use. Keywords play a key role in website ranking. Two to three keywords are enough to see an increase in rankings, but there are some SEO service providers who think it would further boost the ranking by adding more. In contrast, search engines penalize these sites, seeing a downward slope in the status of the website.

You know that you are working with a good SEO company if they spontaneously keep your website away from trouble. Here at SEOReseller Program, we offer white label SEO services that can help increase the ranking of your business site in an ethical manner. Contact us now for more information.

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