Designing Landing Pages: Why Optimizing for Awareness and Intent are Essential

Thought leaders have expressed the importance of customizing and personalizing the user experience. As such, marketers have made an effort to tweak their website’s on-screen elements to boost conversion rates, including coming up with attention-grabbing headlines, writing conversion-focused copy, and creating clickable call-to-action buttons. While content that addresses those needs is relevant and useful, without the other supporting elements, it may still fall short of making a landing page a conversion powerhouse. Creating a well-planned strategy hinges on optimizing for […]

Rep Check: Here’s How You Can Manage Your Online Reputation

As the World Wide Web expands, it also becomes tougher to manage an online reputation. The bar, moreover, is higher where transparency and customer engagement is concerned. You may be doing everything by the book, but still fail to foster a consistent reputation as a company that’s dedicated to quality and customer experience. How then, do you make sure your customers see your brand in a positive light? Manage What Customers are Seeing What do your customers think about your […]

Are your SEO Efforts any Good?

SEO is important and here to stay – of that, there is no doubt. Your clients depend on it for organic traffic, especially given the ever-increasing importance of search engine visibility. This is why good SEO gets people talking; about your clients and their brands. The definition of good, however, can be subjective. What you might think is good SEO may not be good at all. Companies that depend on fly-by-night SEO resellers, or on resellers that do not keep […]

Go Organic in SEO: Do Keywords Still Matter?

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), achieving high keyword rankings has generally been the measure of success. It is the must-have for businesses and brands of all sizes; after all, who could say no to the first organic listing in search results? But things change. Paid advertising’s evolution, combined with Google’s efforts to provide customers with content of greater substance, however, have resulted in the diminishing numbers of opportunities associated with traditional keyword rankings. It’s no wonder SEO and […]

Fine Tune Your SEO Strategy in 2017

2016 was a good year for SEO companies, specialists, and digital marketers. There have been many challenges, but with simple adjustments, they managed to adapt to the changes and retain their market shares. You had your yearend and kickoff parties where you celebrated growth and victories. Now, we will all go back to reality. It’s 2017, and it feels like yesterday business owners were trying to figure out how they can survive the entire year. It’s that time of the […]

The Art of Closing Deals: What Successful SEO Resellers Have in Common

Being an SEO reseller is a challenging yet promising path, considering the potential problems and the endless opportunities to earn. You might be wondering how successful resellers managed to double or triple their revenue in three to five years. There’s no magic involved, just plain hard work, dedication, and the qualities discussed below. Sense of Urgency and Responsibility A proposal remains a pile of documents until your prospect closes the deal and deposits the payment. This means being a salesperson […]

Effective Ways to Improve Your Local Business Listing

Local business listings are among the most effective ways to improve your SEO. The more places you have your business listed, the higher advantage it will get from search engines. You create inbound links to your site from different external sources (the listings), increasing your authority and credibility. Check out this short guide that we did to help improve your business listing: Use the Same Business Name If your business name is “John Doe Furniture and Supplies”, then you should […]

Honesty and Clarity: Two Effective Approaches to Client Retention

A study by Adobe says online businesses spend 80% of their resources on customer acquisition. At first glance, it appears like the practical move – the more visitors come on your site, the more potential sales you make. However, if customer retention is at the backend of your marketing strategy, you can be missing out. The same Adobe study claims marketers must obtain at least six new customers to match the revenue of one repeat customer. To achieve this, honesty […]

3 Things SEO Providers Should Never Do

Search engine optimization is a growing industry across the globe. This service is essential for just any type of business because it boosts the credibility and visibility of the company online. Digital marketing methods are gradually taking over the traditional strategies, generating higher client demand. As more companies offering SEO services emerge on the market, only a few of these can take your business site to better heights. Still, you should know that you still need to supervise the whole […]

Small Factors that Affect Website Rankings

Factors that Affect Website Rankings: Because Small Things Matter, Too When it comes to maintaining website rankings, most search specialists focus on the bigger picture and channel their efforts on major online strategies. What some specialists don’t realize is that small efforts matter, too. These things may seem insignificant, but they can make a big difference in search positioning. Depending on the direction your strategies are heading, these small factors can pull your site down or boost it up the […]