Designing Landing Pages: Why Optimizing for Awareness and Intent are Essential

Thought leaders have expressed the importance of customizing and personalizing the user experience. As such, marketers have made an effort to tweak their website’s on-screen elements to boost conversion rates, including coming up with attention-grabbing headlines, writing conversion-focused copy, and creating clickable call-to-action buttons.

While content that addresses those needs is relevant and useful, without the other supporting elements, it may still fall short of making a landing page a conversion powerhouse. Creating a well-planned strategy hinges on optimizing for awareness and intent — two elements that could be overlooked when designing landing pages.

Value Proposition: Your Primary Source for High-Conversion Landing Pages

Understanding your target market is the key to creating a successful landing page. By knowing your customer’s needs, you can create a website that conveys value to them. Take heart: even a poorly optimized page can convert well if it provides value to its users. As such, make it a point to deliver on the expectation of your prospective consumers and communicate it to them clearly.

Target the User Depending on their Level of Awareness and Intent

Keep your landing page as targeted and accurate as possible. The best way to do this is to consider the intent of the buyer. For instance, a Google search for a two-bedroom house may have different intents — a place for young professionals near the city, a house for a newly-wed couple, or someone looking for a retirement home. To increase your conversions, make sure you address all those concerns across the board.

Work Backwards to Create a Relevant Journey

In the SEO world, it is crucial to first understand the reason behind a consumer demand before formulating solutions to those perceived needs. Start by creating the most comprehensive profile of your target audience (demographics, lifestyle, purchasing habits, etc.) that you can manage. Only after this is complete can you start trying to come up with solutions that will cater more directly to their needs.

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