Effective Ways to Improve Your Local Business Listing

Local business listings are among the most effective ways to improve your SEO. The more places you have your business listed, the higher advantage it will get from search engines. You create inbound links to your site from different external sources (the listings), increasing your authority and credibility.

Check out this short guide that we did to help improve your business listing:

Use the Same Business Name

If your business name is “John Doe Furniture and Supplies”, then you should use it for all your directories. Listing as “John Doe Furniture” only might increase the chances of search engines identifying it as a separate entity when indexing your business. Be careful also with the use of “and” because the same case may happen if you use an ampersand. Though not common, it’s best to be consistent to make sure that everything about your business goes to the right directory.

Be Specific with the Important Details

The more your customers know, the higher the chance they’ll visit. Instead of saying that your business is open daily, you should include exactly what days it is open — Mondays to Fridays, except holidays. If you have other contact details, such as mobile, e-mail, or fax, include them to give your potential customers an alternative option if the phone line is busy.

Don’t Forget to Emphasize the Location

Mark your business in every map and make sure that the marker is easy to spot and in the proper place. Nowadays, there are people who rely more on maps. This works well with Google’s local algorithm, Pigeon, which provides local results depending on where a person is. Imagine if a potential customer searches for a local furniture shop, your business may rank higher because you’re nearer and have emphasized on where people can find your business.

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