Fine Tune Your SEO Strategy in 2017

2016 was a good year for SEO companies, specialists, and digital marketers. There have been many challenges, but with simple adjustments, they managed to adapt to the changes and retain their market shares. You had your yearend and kickoff parties where you celebrated growth and victories. Now, we will all go back to reality.

It’s 2017, and it feels like yesterday business owners were trying to figure out how they can survive the entire year. It’s that time of the year again. For sure, you’ve been scanning the Web for the best SEO tips, trends, and strategies for 2017. SEO Reseller Program has put together some of the items you should never miss.

Keep AMP in Your SEO Arsenal

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP has been in the SEO news since Google launched it in February. This initiative aims to improve the user experience by increasing the load speed of web pages. This is something you would want your clients to invest in. If you’re still unsure whether including AMP in your SEO strategy would be beneficial for businesses or not, these facts may help you decide.

As Google designed AMP to create a simple and lighter version of HTML, you can expect web pages to load super-fast. Want proof? AMP pages load 30 times faster than non-AMP pages. That alone can give visitors a better user experience. In addition, Google’s Adam Greenberg has confirmed in one of his recent tweets that AMP is a big thing for the search giant.

Make Websites User and Google-Friendly

You are not optimizing just for the benefit of online users. Your clients’ first audience is Google, as it reads the content of all your pages. Make sure their sites are readable by using schema markups. Now that RankBrain is the third most important ranking factor, Schema can make it easier for Google to understand or interpret a website.

You should also explore the opportunities and benefits of adding more keywords and creating more compelling content now that Google allows more characters in the Meta titles and descriptions.

2017 will be just another challenging yet fruitful year for SEO providers and resellers. As your dedicated partner, SEO Reseller Program will guide you from the beginning until the end. Contact us today, and we’ll show you how our programs, packages, and solutions work.

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