Go Organic in SEO: Do Keywords Still Matter?

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), achieving high keyword rankings has generally been the measure of success. It is the must-have for businesses and brands of all sizes; after all, who could say no to the first organic listing in search results?

But things change.

Paid advertising’s evolution, combined with Google’s efforts to provide customers with content of greater substance, however, have resulted in the diminishing numbers of opportunities associated with traditional keyword rankings.

It’s no wonder SEO and digital marketing experts take more time when they consider organic rankings. They ask the question: does organic ranking still matter, in a world in which paid advertising has a stronger (and stronger, still) foothold?

We at SEO Reseller Program have the answer to that question.

The Reality of New Niche Environments

Back in the days when businesses could only connect with new customers through organic rankings, investing time and effort in link building and keyword stuffing made sense.

Now, it’s a different story.

Since there are plenty of free channels that cater to specific niches, brands can easily identify relevant environments. These niches enable brands to focus more on qualified conversions than on ways to gain more traffic. Add the power of social media to the influence of these communities and you have for yourself a force that seems to trump the value of keyword rankings.

Keyword Rankings and Success

While the future seems bleak for premier keyword rankings, brands and businesses should still actively seek organic rankings.  Visibility and click-through rates might have diminished within various search listings, but organic rankings are still one of the most effective ways to connect with new customers.

Instead of stuffing content with keywords, SEO experts can maximize conversion opportunities through the creation of quality content around their niche environments. They can, and should, focus more on the topics or phrases the target audience uses. As a result, brands increase their monthly traffic and benefit from qualified conversions.

In the world of digital marketing, the formula stays the same: use a well-rounded approach that pays attention to all areas, and not just one facet, of SEO. In this case, keywords are still helpful; but do not pour all your efforts into this one strategy. Instead, maintain a campaign that combines all factors linked with SEO.

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