Honesty and Clarity: Two Effective Approaches to Client Retention

A study by Adobe says online businesses spend 80% of their resources on customer acquisition. At first glance, it appears like the practical move – the more visitors come on your site, the more potential sales you make.

However, if customer retention is at the backend of your marketing strategy, you can be missing out. The same Adobe study claims marketers must obtain at least six new customers to match the revenue of one repeat customer. To achieve this, honesty and clarity should be your business priority.

Honest Communication

Be honest right off the bat. Before signing a contract or deciding on a price, explain to them in a clear, honest manner what they will get and just as importantly, what they won’t.

For example, if you think that creating an infographic for a client will help their site, but producing one won’t be feasible given their budget, tell them honestly. Letting them know, “I did this and that” is just as important as, “I couldn’t do this due to budget constraints.”

In the same vein, if you’re reporting traffic data, you’ll be doing them a disservice if you don’t explain what the numbers mean. It’s important to be substantial when disclosing these important numbers and their meaning. It will create a sense of trust and a stronger professional bond.

Efficient and Succinct Reports

As an SEO provider, your goal is to report progress and efforts properly, clearly, and succinctly. But it is not just submitting an automated report without any insight on how it can contribute to lead generation and conversion.

Provide information that has real value to their business, like a customized report that lays down marketing goals and curates specifically everything your clients should know.

Client retention is one of the most challenging things about being an SEO consultant or running an SEO agency. But if you manage to keep your operations and progress reports transparent, honest and understandable, fostering client loyalty is certainly attainable.

As an SEO agency ourselves, we understand the value of customer retention and the ways in which it can be achieved. Contact us today for a business that can help you enhance yours.

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