Rep Check: Here’s How You Can Manage Your Online Reputation

As the World Wide Web expands, it also becomes tougher to manage an online reputation. The bar, moreover, is higher where transparency and customer engagement is concerned. You may be doing everything by the book, but still fail to foster a consistent reputation as a company that’s dedicated to quality and customer experience.

How then, do you make sure your customers see your brand in a positive light?

Manage What Customers are Seeing

What do your customers think about your brand? What do they say when they tweet or post about your products? What do you see when you visit reviews sites?

The things you find when you do a basic search of your brand on the internet are the same content prospective customers are also likely to see, and while you can’t govern what customers say, what they see is within your control.

One of the most effective ways to present your brand positively is by maximizing social media use to respond to consumers’ requests and even complaints. When turning to social media, the key lies in choosing the approach that works best with your organization.

Some companies, for instance, inject humor into their responses while some practice empathy. Some take the time to create tailored responses for every customer. Choosing the right approach can affect a lead’s view of your brand, and consequently, their buying decision.

Onboard the Right People and Use the Right Tools

To effectively manage your reputation, it pays to take advantage of tools, such as SocialMention and Google Alerts. SocialMention, for instance, even alerts you the moment someone mentions your brand on any social media site. It also helps to enlist the help of professionals who have substantial experience with reputation management.

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