How to Resell SEO Services Effectively

You need good services and excellent sales skills to become a successful SEO reseller. We offer partners advice and guidance on how to sell our services effectively. We do more than just provide SEO services – we teach you everything there is to know about what we offer so you can effectively sell them to your clients. With your sales skills and our services, you have a winning combination that ensures your success as an SEO reseller.

Find Out What Your Clients Need

Assessing your client’s website and determining its current optimization status is the first step toward a successful sale. We will audit your prospect’s entire website and assess everything from its metadata and keywords to its on-page copy and sitemap to identify any problems that need to be fixed. We will then send you a comprehensive report that summarizes these issues and offers suggestions on how to resolve them. You can download and print this proposal and hand it to them during a meeting, or use your dashboard to send them a digital copy.

Learn about What You Can Offer

You need to know everything about what you’re selling to convince your prospects that it’s exactly what they need to solve their problems. We provide a wide range of SEO solutions and packages, and we make sure our partners understand how they work and what to expect each month. Aside from the information we provide right here on our web pages, you can download helpful guides and whitepapers from your reseller dashboard. Your dedicated account manager will also be available to answer any questions you may have about our methodology.

Set Your Clients’ Expectations

Your prospects may have very little knowledge about how SEO works, or may have some misconceptions about the best optimization practices. By knowing what we can do and how we do it, you can help your prospects set realistic expectations for their campaigns. We provide guides and cheat sheets that can help you answer your prospects’ most common questions. We even provide marketing collateral such as product lists and brochures that you can rebrand and show your prospects. If they have requirements that aren’t included in our packages, we can help you develop custom solutions just for them.

We provide everything you need to convince your prospects to let you handle their business’ SEO campaign, from informative resources and collateral to services that deliver results every month. Sign-up to get your free proposal and start reselling SEO today.

What Our Clients Say About Us

When my clients ask me to refer a good white label SEO provider, I always send them over to I’ve worked on several projects with them before, and they’ve always provided consistent results and reliable customer support. They’ve never let any of my clients down, either!

Joseph Martin

Marketing Consultant